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Assessa is a three-in-one web-based educational data collection system. The application has three main interconnected modules. The modules are: Student Testing (via the web and/or certain portable devices), On-line Surveys (for polling teacher, parents, students), Observation Forms (walk-through, coaching, SPED student evaluations). We have hundreds of K-12, college/university and industry users. To read about key features or to see a comparison chart our account types, please click here.

Please complete the form below. If you request a FREE basic subscription, it will be set up for you and with the account, you can use and evaluate the full system for a year. Using your Apple, Android, or Windows smart device, you'll be able to collect data after minimal set up. Please contact us via our contact form with any questions - we are happy to help. Your login information and instructions for getting started will be sent to your email address.

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